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Owaci is all-natural skincare made with only the highest quality ingredients. Each formula is specially crafted using proper ingredient percentages, so you get the best results, without fillers, additives, harsh products or irritants. Each bottle is carefully blended by hand and bottled before shipping to ensure the freshest batches. 

Owaci is proud to produce only the best skincare products, made just for you.

Owaci location coming soon! We will have more products as well as a beautiful location to come visit soon! Follow us on Instagram to watch for our new launches and grow with us!

How Owaci started

My name is Amanda Hall

I am an actress, stunt woman, mama to a 1-year-old, motorcycle enthusiast, former personal trainer, fitness nutrition specialist and women's fitness specialist. 

I started Owaci skincare products because I wanted to trust what I was putting on my skin, and what was in direct contact with my new baby. 

As a new mom with little time for self-pampering, I wanted to keep things simple yet feel all the effects of a spa day!

As a woman on set, I didn't want any harsh scents or my skin to feel greasy or sticky. 

As an avid traveler and camper, I needed something easy to pack, quick to use and of course feeling clean and hydrated was a must. 

Owaci came to life!

My goal is for us to become like family to you. A place where you can get trustworthy skincare products, lifestyle supplies, and inspiration!

I want to share my health and fitness knowledge to inspire you to nourish your body from the inside out, in ways that fit your lifestyle. My beauty products to help you nourish and feed your skin from the outside in! 

Owaci isn't just a place for buying great products. It's a place to find peace and happiness and grow into your best self <3

I look forward to all of us growing together! Thank you for coming along for the ride!


With Love

Amanda Hall



Photo by Violeta Meyners



'I love the way the oil absorbs into my skin so well!'


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