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Fun facts about our products and helpful ways to choose whats best for you and how to use them to get the best results!

Oils! Many people mistaken who can use them and how. Skin naturally produces oils, which are lost due to age, soap, warm water, harsh environments, etc. Body oils can be helpful in replenishing what's been lost!


Use body oil to lock in moisture! Immediately after a shower, before you dry off, lather oils on your body and pat dry to seal in hydration. WARNING will cause slippery surface and feet!


If you have oily skin, it helps reduce overproduction of natural oils from the skin often being too dry! Most people dont even know they have dry skin because the oil production throws them off! So if you have oily skin, don't shy away from oils, they could be your secret friend you never knew about! 


Also if you are just looking for a healthy summer glow, add a little body oil! 

So to sum it up 

Lotions add moisture to the skin, body oils lock it all in. Big difference! If you have dry skin, put lotion on first then seal the deal with oil! Vwalah! You have yourself a 1 - 2 step and then on your way to slay your day!


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